Sunday, November 17, 2013

Musical Mouse

Living in the country has some side effects I wasn't prepared for. First there was the scorpion outbreak inside our house, including both of us getting stung.

Now we got rid of a mouse in the kitchen, only to discover a day later that a mouse is living inside my upright piano. Since the piano was buried under a nick-knack shelf, photos, and sewing projects, it was no easy task to get to it. I finally got the lid open and found a nest made of paper and shoelaces balanced at the top. But there is a whole lot of stuff inside a piano and so I couldn't see the mouse. I have no idea what to do now but I left the lid open just in case it decides to surrender. Which I doubt. #perplexed

The neighbor's guinea's come to visit. The pallets in the background are our future chicken coop.

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