Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our Six New Laying Hens

I'm happy to report that all the new chickens were alive and well after their first night in the coop. Today Guy continued digging a ditch around the coop so he can bury some wire fencing to keep the former chicken massacre from happening again.

The barred rock and the ameraucana chickens are slightly smaller, and I've noticed the yellow colored ameraucana keeps trying to hide behind the bigger chickens and seems the shyest one of the bunch so far. The barred rock is the bravest. She was the first one to jump out of the coop onto the run.

Keep in mind I'm not an expert and the names were the best guess of the woman working at the feed store. 

Four of the six new pullets.

The light colored Ameraucana tries to hide behind the bigger chickens.
Two black sex links in front. Ameraucana in the back.

Rhode Island Red Pullet
Barred rock pullets don't have their black and white coloring yet.

Black sex links in the front.

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