Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cowboys V Aliens

I was amused when my boyfriend checked out Cowboys V Aliens from the library, in light of my new cowgirl blog. I'd seen it before but I think I enjoyed it more this time.

Yesterday our neighbors came home and we helped them pick a bunch of windfall apples. They are called Arkansas Black. It's a heritage apple from the 1800's. My grandparents once has a farm in Arkansas, so I'd like to plant my own Arkansas Black tree in their honor.

We also hope to get some chickens when some money comes our way. All my life I've wanted chickens but my mom just hated the things. Then when I grew up I always lived in the city, no chickens allowed. Now that I live at Shoebox Ranch, I want chickens.  Job first, then chickens. Bock. 

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