Friday, January 2, 2015

Cleaning House

I'm going to spend the next 3 hours cleaning my house. I'll keep you updated. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm tired of feeling disorganized and junky.

2:59 PM: So far so good. I got a sink full of dishes washed, and 3 tote bags of canned goods put away. My back is starting to hurt already. But I'm going to keep cleaning as long as I can stand it.

3:35 PM: Dishpan full of clean dishes dried and put away. Bucket full of dishes washed and pans put in to soak. Barely making a dent in the dishes so far. I just took some Ibuprofen for my back and now I need to sit for 15 minutes to let it work.

Just did another 45 minutes.  This time I washed all the pans on the stove and cleaned a very greasy stove top.

So far I've only done an hour and 21 minutes of cleaning. And it's dark already.

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