Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring is Here on the Homestead

Today was a busy day on the homestead since both of us were here and we worked on things that are much easier to do with two people.

We went to the feed store and got a bale of straw. When we got home, Fletcher made some excellent guacamole for lunch.  We  had that with chips. As we were sitting there, he spotted a snake. It crawled past the trash cans and then past a chicken. She pecked at it's tail, but it got away and we saw it cross the driveway and head out for the desert. I don't want to kill them. They keep the mouse population under control.

Then we decided to tackle the garden. So we took all the old straw and free chicken manure out of the chicken coop. It filled a whole wheelbarrow.  All of that went into the raised bed garden box. Now that is ready to plant. I have onion sets that need to go in there right away. As I was taking the old weeds to the compost pile, I kicked a dried bit of cholla cactus and yelled out Tweezers.  Not your typical swear word but I sat down and my boyfriend pulled the ball of spines out of my foot with his knife.

Then we put new straw in the chicken coop and new pine shavings in the nesting boxes.

Recently I planted roses and today Goldie the chicken decided she likes rose leaves.  So I ran over to put chicken wire around the roses. I was mad! And I paid for it by not being careful with the chicken wire and cutting my thumb just under my right thumbnail. Ouch. I should have been wearing gloves.

This morning I started blowing eggs so I could use the eggshells to start seedlings in. I have 3 so far. Then back by the garden I found an old  pony pack so I can use that for seedlings too.

A week ago we pulled all the dead tomato vines out of the garden. I was surprised to find the rosemary, thyme and Greek oregano had survived the winter. We hadn't even been watering the garden box, since we thought everything was dead. Well, I should have watered it right away. I wasn't taking into account that we'd just ripped out all the bigger plants that were shading it.  So yesterday I remembered to go back there and hook up a hose and water it. And the thyme was burned to a crisp! Ack! The other two still looked fine though. So I guess they are frost resistant and somewhat drought resistant. Today and yesterday were the hottest days we've had since winter so I need to remember to water back there.

Three eggs from my own chickens.

My roses are still babies. This one was a gift from my neighbor. Hers are in full bloom.

End of the day. Chickens went to bed. And my mate is whipping up stir fry in his new wok.


  1. I love the picture of the eggs from your own chickens. Our chickens, unfortunately were killed by our dogs, but when we had them, their eggs never came out that clean! Do you wash your eggs? I was afraid to, because I heard it damaged the cuticle and therefore made them rot earlier. In Europe, they store eggs at room temperature, because they don't destroy the cuticle, I read somewhere. Whereas in the US the cuticle is cleaned right off, so the eggs have to be stored in the refrigerator.

    Do you store your chicken eggs in the refrigerator or out in room temperature?

  2. I've never blown our chicken eggs out, but I should try it! Glad to hear your herbs survived the winter. That must have been a very nice surprise!

  3. We don't wash our eggs until we use them and they do last a long time even at room temperature. We tend to store them in the fridge anyway.