Friday, August 7, 2015

Rainy Weather Last Night and a Morning Full of Horsetail Clouds

My life got busy and I haven't had time to write. The summer has been sweltering and with 11 chickens now, we have to make sure they are okay all the time. Our garden was mostly wiped out by predators, no matter how much we tried to keep things going. I'm about to rip it all out and start over with a fall garden.

It is still beautiful here though, and these photos I took prove it.

Yesterday I was at a free concert in Apple Valley CA when the rains came down.  So the band had to call it quits after about 4 songs. But here are some rainy weather photos I took last night.

From the gas station on Hwy. 18.

Rainbow before the concert started.

Looming cloud during the sponsor speeches. By the time that was done, and the band took the stage, it  poured and no more music. Yes, thanking the sponsors is important, but considering the weather, they should have gone through them a lot faster and perhaps taken the photos another time.  Like next week during the last concert this summer.

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