Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Day In The Life At Shoebox Ranch

I'm really trying to follow my bliss, and for some crazy reason that included buying a kazoo on Ebay. Go me. It's been really fun and funny trying to play it. I hope to get a holder for it, so I can  play it along with the washboard that I'm still making.

I also saved the bones from some beef ribs. They are sitting under a basket on an ant hill waiting for the ants to clean them for me. If you've ever heard anyone 'play the bones' this is what they originally came from. I also got a red oak board to make some wooden 'bones'.

I'm currently waging war on the tomato hornworms. Twice a day I study the tomato plants trying to find the menaces. I usually pick off about 4 a day and feed them to the chickens. I wonder if I'm raising tomatoes or worms for the chickens.

Tomato Horn Worm. They strip all the leaves off the stems.
The girls are all grown up now.
The three black chickens are the most dominant. They are always the first ones to the fence when the worms get poked into the cage. Then they all run in circles trying to steal the worms from each other.

Tonight's sunset was like melted butter. And now the moonrise is gorgeous.
Sunset in Lucerne Valley, CA
My cat thinks he is a parrot.

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