Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chain of Events

My front yard drama has had an interesting chain of events. On Sunday we picked up some cracked corn, which the quail love. I hadn't put any out yet, but I did refill the tin can bird feeder with wild bird seed. So this morning I spotted two scrub jays eating out of the can. I know they love corn as well, so I put some out there.

Now I'm sitting by the window and spot some chipmunks stuffing their cheeks with corn. And then I saw something I've never seen before. A roadrunner outside the fence stalking a chipmunk inside the fence. Now I know roadrunners are carnivorous, but I've never seen them hunt. So the roadrunner and the chipmunk were madly dashing back and forth along the fence when the chipmunk did the dumbest thing ever. He went through the fence onto the same side as the roadrunner! And off they ran under the bushes. I have a feeling the roadrunner is now dining on corn stuffed chipmunk. Poor Alvin!

I need a new camera but I tried to get a shot of the scrub jays for you. It's the first time I've seen them this year.
Last night's sunset from my front yard in Lucerne Valley, CA
Scrub Jay
This was the best photo I could get. I need to order a new camera.

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