Friday, August 22, 2014

My Garden is Tasty to Bugs

You know it is too windy to knit outside when you start getting sand in your teeth. And it is starting to get dark anyway.

Just when I started making headway with getting hornworms out of the tomatoes, the squash come down with a serious attack of aphids. I know banana peels got rid of the aphids on my roses, so that means a trip to the market tomorrow to get bananas. I just hope I'm not too late. The bright shiny umbrella shaped leaves of the squash are now looking worn out and seem to be shriveling. Aphids suck the very life out of things.  I haven't seen any ladybugs around here either. Maybe they can't take the Mojave heat.

I'm also worried that though the tomatoes are covered with blossoms, they are not setting any fruit. Out of five tomato plants I've only seen one teeny tiny fruit.Maybe I am watering them too much.
Tomato hornworm
It is worth it just for the sunsets.
Fabric For A New Tote Bag
This will be a chicken once I add the embroidery
Fletcher whipped up a great chicken stir-fry including the yellow squash I picked today, so I am eating something I grew and that makes me happy.

The chickens have finished their big bag of grow mash and now have a new bag of laying crumble. Hope they like it.

Happy homesteading.

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