Sunday, August 17, 2014

Solar Toys

One day my friend Lezlee bought me a little solar toy of a frog swinging. Well, I just love the cute little buggers. I hit the jackpot yesterday and found 8 new solar toys at the dollar type store. I got 4 circus ones and 4 flowers.  They sell so fast that I don't usually find more than one or two.  So I bought all 8. Yes, I know it is silly but I'm coming to value my happiness more and more. If something for $8.00 can make me happy over and over again, isn't it a better buy that something that cost me $200 and hardly makes me happy at all?

In other news, the washer is leaking so we need to drag it out of the laundry room and figure out what the deal is. Leaks run up our electric bill, because they keep the well pump running. Plus, no one wants to waste water in the desert in a drought.

This morning 2 large roadrunners came to drink at the water buckets. I never noticed that in the right light, their tails look blue. One of them had white tips on its tail feathers.

It's so hot today, but I really want to work on my washboard and other projects out in the yard. After I worked on the garden I had to come back in and sit in front of the swamp cooler. Maybe I'll sew in the kitchen instead. I need more of fall and spring and less of summer and winter.

The rabbits attacked my succulents again so I dragged more chicken wire over the rocks. There isn't much left of them now. They even pull the ones they don't like out of the ground. I keep replanting them.
I'm sure if they ever got established the rabbits would leave them alone.

My yellow squash is about ready to harvest. One of them looks bumpy and the others look smooth from the same plant, so I wonder if that one got cross pollinated by the ornamental gourds.

I found one more horn worm this morning and tossed it to the chickens. Right now the beats, mescalin and cucumbers have all sprouted.

I think I'm going to have some hummus and chips for lunch. Then back to work.

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